Excerpts from the pages of “My Name is Red” novel by Orhan Pamuk

“Painting is the silence of thought and the music of sight.”
-from Chapter 11 “I Am Called Black”

“…the only way to escape time is through skill and illustrating.”

“A painters quality becomes evident in his discussions of blindness and memory.”

“Before the art of illumination there was blackness and afterward there will also be blackness. Through our colors, paints, art and love, we remember that [God] Allah had commanded us to “See!”.”

“To know is to remember what you’ve seen. To see is to know without remembering. Thus painting is remembering the blackness.”

“The great masters, who shared a love of painting and perceived that color and sight arose from darkness, longed to return to [God’s] Allah’s blackness by means of color.”

-Chapter 14 “I Am Called “Olive”.”


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