How Do I Enter My Life? by Michael Stone and a poem by RUMI

RUMI from Divan-e Shams (103)
“Like a candle I shine, reflecting the light

Turn my fortune so I can shed myself candle-like

The promise of the morning breeze, of joining Thee day and night

Burning, yellow, shaking, crying and humble, candle-like.

Thy flowing hair, like scissors sheer my soul at its height

In this fire of separation burn me no more, candle-like.

Pearls overflowing from the sea of my eye, fill my bosom in delight

My burning heart sent its flames blazing upward, candle-like.

Solar flares set in the celestial lantern, sooth the sight

Every morn dam my tears and shed no more, candle-like.

Thy face is spring like, thy fire sorrows fight

How long burn in this solstice of separation, candle-like?

From the memory of thy light, every night flames take flight

If only my heart fire would burn, my soul desire candle-like.

How long burn thyself Shams-e Tabrizi, thy love beaming bright

We know of nothing other than burning up, candle-like.”

-SHAMS of Tabriz (RUMI)


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